31 March 2008

Scarecrow Hair

I realize that I'm not very hip and up with fashion, especially considering that I think most trends right now are hideous. With that said, please take my opinions that I'm about to share witha grain of salt.

I hate scarecrow hair. What is scarecrow hair? Meg Ryan frequently has scarecrow hair. It was at it's worst in Kate and Leopold, as seen here.

The straight, super angles, unable to bend hair? It looks like straw. It looks like a scarecrow.

And it is completely mind-boggling to me that people like this hairstyle. When it always looks like a scarecrow. Scarecrow, I tell you!

So, stop doing your hair like this, folks! Your hair is meant to have the ability to move, and be blown in the wind, and to be shaped nicely around your face.

It is not meant to look like straw.

Don't get me wrong, scarecrows have great qualities. Like the ability to scare away crows. Also, singing, dancing and obtaining brains. But, they are not visually appealing. And they are not generally made to look like girls anyway.

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