01 March 2008

Garage Saling and Our Branch

Today I went garage saling with some folks in my branch. It was fun!

Kiwis do garage sales in their garages, not on the lawns. That is because the weather here can be quite rainy, so they never plan on holding the sale outside. It also makes for some pretty cramped shopping.

Nonetheless, I prevailed in my shopping endeavors and came home with a $3 iron and $4 crockpot. Hooray!

Also, I am not very good at bargaining. I mean, I really have to work hard to make my self not just pay what is on the sticker. In fact, I often feel like it's rude to barter, even though I know that it is expected of me. That is, when the iron says $5, I feel as though I'm suggesting the iron is perhaps worth less than $5. Makes me feel just awful asking if they'll take my price instead of the one listed. But! I did barter, and I didn't pay sticker prices. Because really, who does that?


And on a mostly unrelated note, I would just like to put a plug in for the Mornington Branch. Because, we have only been to church twice so far, and we already have friends that we have hung out with!

This is mainly of importance because in one particular ward, which we attended for quite some time, we never really made friends, despite our attempts to do so. It was actually very frustrating for me because I felt like the folks in the ward who owned houses (as opposed to those of us who were renting) felt like they shouldn't even bother to get to know us because we wouldn't be there very long. Well, as it turns out, we were there for over a year, which for us is a long time. And those old-timers missed an opportunity to get to know us. So, really, they blew it. Really, though, I was extremely relieved to move out of that ward because it meant I wouldn't have to come home from church feeling so utterly uncared about.


But in the Mornington Branch, people think, "Wow! A year to get to know you, we better make the most of it!" I hope that one day if I am in a transient ward/branch I will be like the folks in Mornington, and not like those other folks.


Bart said...

And sometimes it's the people who are transient who are unwilling to make friends with the more permanent members.

Either way, I think even two or three months is enough time to develop friendships. And it can certainly be memorable since it's all tied to your experience in a certain place.

I'm glad you've already found some friends!

Science Teacher Mommy said...

Thanks for checking in. You'll have to tell me how Oz is. I'm so jealous. The weather should be beautiful right now.

There is something so family about a branch. They really cling together because they NEED to. And new members--move in and converts--are just the shot in the arm that branches need. May your numbers grow and your friendships never fail . . .

Alice said...

Partly you feel this way because the ward your were in as you grew up had both types of long term and short term members. Both are needed to make the church grow and each ward to learn. That's why meetings are needed for the exchange of thoughts and ideas. You really learn more from others than all the books in the world. thats why it is so great you are getting to travel.

Kristy said...

Oh yeah--we had the same experience in Payson but our little ward now is the exact opposite, like your branch. A good ward is so priceless!