17 March 2008

Best News All Day

Janssen's always running around blogging about all the money she saves. Well, take this, Janssen:

I took out a small loan to pay for school my freshman year. According to the terms of the loan, interest would not accrue until six months after I finished school. That six months ended at the end of February. I paid down about half the loan in December and then paid the rest about a week before we moved to Dunedin.

Last week when I was in Australia, my co-worker brought me some mail from Eric's parents' house (among other things), and in it was a letter from my loan authority that said my payment could not be applied to the account because they were unable to locate the bank account. I was pretty frustrated. I mean, now I'd accrued like $30 in interest! And that's $30 I could spend at a mediocre Mexican restaurant in Dunedin!

I went online to make the payment and basically free myself of the loan, but the screen said my balance was $00.00. What? So I called, and I talked to a really wonderful guy in the office and explained to him the situation.

And you know what he told me? The loan authority randomly picks people who pay their bills on time and forgives them the balance of their loan. And I was selected.

That's right. My loan office just paid my balance of $634! And all I had to do was type my bank account incorrectly.

Now, what to do with that money?


Bart said...

What a fantastic surprise! You could buy a guitar, go out to eat 20 times, or just save it. Have fun!

Janssen said...

Fine, fine! You win! Seriously, though. Awesome news!

holly said...

Wow, that's so cool! :) Congrats!