31 March 2008

An Echo

I just want to echo Carrie's request. If you have included a link to my blog on your site, could you kindly remove any references to my last name? I know I'm not particularly good about keeping anything about my identity a secret, but I do make attempts. And I am currently making an extra effort to do so.

Also, when you leave comments if you could avoid leaving references to my maiden name and that sort of thing, that would be really great.


Celular said...
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Science Teacher Mommy said...

Since I don't really know you, only that you are an expat in Kiwiland, no worries. :)

And yes, it is the Cafe Rio dressing I want. There is a place in this town that has one that tastes similar, but it is creamy. They are both divine and I'd like to be able to make something like unto it.

There are few things lovelier than April in Australia, I hope the weather in your back of beyond is equally fabulous.