05 April 2018

Felicia: Nine Months

Felicia has upped her crawling game this month. She is more likely to be crawling on all fours instead of the army crawling she was doing at the start of the month. She loves all the food and is pretty good at getting it into her mouth.

She has got such a fun personality and loves to be around people she loves. Sometimes she is in the arms of one parent and gets so excited about seeing the other that she tries to leap into the other parent's arms.

Felicia's favorite things to find on the floor and eat include: paper, cords, shoes, and actual food. It is hard to keep the floor adequately safe for her. She also loves baths and showers. She does well in her car seat still and was better behaved than her older sister for our road trip to Montana for Easter weekend. Speaking of this weekend, she was a big hit with her older cousins, especially Diana, who frequently stated that she wished she had a baby sister. (Four younger brothers, apparently, is not the same as a baby sister.)

I was terrible about taking pictures of Trixie this month, but here are a few:

She is always this happy in the tub:

This month we went to dinner at Grandma Great's and watched Coco, which I love so much. Felicia, (whose real-life first and middle names are actually the same as Grandma's older sister's) was really sweet with her great-grandma.

I was certain that my abnormally fussy, feverish baby had an ear infection. With the next two older siblings both getting tubes, I might be a little paranoid about ear infections because, no, she did not have an ear infection. She was just getting two teeth. It was a rough day.

And here's a video:

(I got a new phone sometime this month, which explains the drastic difference in picture quality between that bath picture and the next one.)