01 June 2018

Felicia: Eleven Months

This month Felicia's biggest accomplishment is pulling herself into a standing position. She's not really thinking about walking yet, which is fine by me. She entertains herself by emptying out the kitchen cabinets.

Felicia still loves all the food, and she loves baths. If she hears the bath water going, she'll crawl as quickly as she can to join in the fun.

She also loves to babble and talk, especially when everyone else is talking. She really wants to join in our conversations. Felicia can be very verbal if she wants food, and when food is in front of her she eats with abandon. Uncle Andrew snapped this picture of her with a noodle stuck on her head a few weeks ago. She was squawking about wanting more food, and instead of giving her more food, he took this picture so we could all laugh at her.

We have this new tiny park by our house, and usually Felicia sits in the stroller watching the bigger kids play, but sometimes we let her on the swing. She prefers to be lying down alone to having an older sibling holding her.

We got to see Grandma Great this week, and Felicia performed very well. She (so far) will let anyone hold her, which makes our church life much easier.

And finally, I took Felicia (and Felix and Trixie) to ride ponies recently. It was Felicia's first time on the pony, and she did fine. She actually didn't care that much about the pony, and really wanted to suck on the saddle horn. (This baby wants to put stuff in her mouth more than any of my other babies. I regularly find her eating food she's found on the kitchen floor. I should probably sweep more often, but I do sweep a ton!)