05 November 2017

Felicia: Four Months

Last month I was all, "Oh, she's getting better at sleeping," but folks, this baby is terrible at sleeping. It's a good thing she is so happy and cute and loves to see me.

We blessed Felicia this month. I worked really hard on her dress, and it turned out beautiful. I am happy she will have it to pass on to her own posterity.

This little girl is really so sweet and happy, even if she doesn't like to sleep. She is rather smiley and talkative, and she loves attention and being held. Her siblings still really like her.

We re-used the same costume that Trixie wore, and Felicia was an adorable little pumpkin for Halloween. On the night of Halloween I wore her in the Ergo as our family went tromping around the neighborhood. She did great despite the night being rather chilly.

Felicia learned to roll from her back to her belly this month, but it is not yet something that comes easily to her. She is getting really close at being able to purposefully grab things. I think that will come this month.

Hopefully, also this month this baby will resume sleeping in chunks of time greater than two hours.