13 October 2019

Trixie is Four!

I'm rather behind. Trixie turned 4 about six weeks ago. Nevertheless, in tribute to her new age, here are some things about this adorable little girl in the last year.

She talks and talks and talks, and most people have no idea that she had significantly delayed speech. With that said, her speech isn't impeccable. For example:
  • She adds "ed" to most past tense verbs throwed; wented; putted (not the golf kind); saided; ated. I can't bear to correct her because it's too cute.
  • She can't say her "r" or "l" sounds well. She can say her own name, but it isn't always understood by the people she's saying it to, and sometimes she summons me to tell a child what her name is.
  • Unicorn = hooticorn; Utah = Hootah.
  • Cheetos = Cheerios
  • In the last six weeks, she's gotten down the differences between "yesterday" and "tomorrow," but she has no concept of time and frequently talks about fairly recent things happening "wast year."

She loves animals. We dog-sat the above-pictured dog, B. J. last November, and she still talks about him. Her love is not limited to dogs. It extends to all animals of all kinds.

In February we went for a heart checkup, and she was thoroughly amused by all the stickers for her EKG. (And she left the hospital with at least three new toys, so it was a winning day in her eyes, without a doubt.) And the best news is that the cardiologist said we don't need to see him for two whole years, and she may never need her valve replaced. (Miracle!)

And here are just a few more thoughts about this child, scattered with some of my favorite pictures taken of her over the last twelve months.

Trixie is an incredibly sweet and affectionate child. She went through a phase of obstinacy, but she seems past that. Sure, there are times when she wants something her way, but by and large she is amiable and eager to please.

She is incredibly social and always on the lookout for somebody to play with her. She loves to play with neighbors, and with her brothers and sister.

Lately she asks a lot of "what if" questions. Sometimes they are baffling, but most of the time I think she's just looking for a reason to talk to me.

Trixie loves to play outside. We are really grateful that her heart defect has had literally no impact on her ability to keep up with her peers. While she's capable of playing quietly and calmly, her preference is generally to be rambunctious and physical.

Trixie loves to go places. We go to the various venues at Thanksgiving Point quite frequently. She loves them all the more if we are going to meet friends there. She still loves riding ponies there and has no fear of any of them (even the one that knocked her off once. Actually, he's her favorite.)

She sings a lot. Whether it's Primary music, the music from Annie or Coco, or her own made up songs, the child is constantly singing. She insists on songs and stories and cuddles at bedtime. (And, truth be told, she still gets out of her bed two to three nights a week to tell us she needs somebody to cuddle with her. Usually Eric goes and lies down with her for a while. He is a good man.)

This is Trixie holding her baby cousin this summer. She's not generally that interested in babies, but she thought this one was pretty cute.

Trixie's birthday is literally the cutoff for kindergarten enrollment next year. I couldn't find a vacant spot in a 3-year-old preschool, so I enrolled her in a 4-year-old preschool. My plan is just to have her do it for two years, unless she blows us all away this year. She is loving preschool and will probably be thrilled to do it again next year.

For her actual birthday I rented a bounce house and invited friends to come jump and splash. And the only picture I took was to send to a friend whose daughter was scared to come. (The picture assuaged her nervousness, and she came and partied.) Trixie had tons of fun acting like a hooligan with lots of neighborhood kids.

I gave her lots of cake options, and she liked the sound of a pineapple up-side-down cake, but then she didn't eat a single bite of it. She asked for a treasure chest, and that is what she got. She has loved telling people that she is 4, and she insists that she's a big girl now.

We love this little girl. She brings so much love, fun, and cuddles to our family.