18 May 2015

A Few Delightful Things

  • The flowers are blooming, and we welcomed our first (that we've seen) visiting hummingbird to our yard on Sunday morning. He was scoping out some salvia. I failed to capture a great picture, but here is my attempt nonetheless.

  • Our sprinklers have been turned off thanks to all the rain we've had in the past few weeks.
  • We've been buying girl clothes at yard sales. And I've bought a few items new too. Trixie will not be naked.
  • Eric has fewer than ten school days left. We have so many fun (and productive!) summer plans.
  • Our first roses have bloomed, and we've cut some and brought them in. So many more to come this year.

  • Noosa Yoghurt. Seriously. My favorite is coconut, but lemon is a surprisingly close second.
  • Protonix, or its generic equivalent. My extreme heartburn this pregnancy is finally under control, and along with it, most of my nausea.