22 April 2015

Baby #3

On Monday I found out that, much to my surprise, my baby is a girl baby. I was just so certain I was having a boy. Since that time I have said the following phrases each more than once:
  • I don't know how to girl.
  • I hope she likes canoeing.
  • I have to buy new clothes for this one.
  • I guess I better look around for girl clothes at yard sales now.
  • I have to learn to do hair.
  • I get to crochet things for a girl!
  • We have no names for a girl.
  • This may explain why my heartburn has been so insanely bad.
I feel like I'm finally wrapping my head around it. I am excited for our new adventure! A few years ago my parents sent me the blessing dress that my mom made for me. I am so pleased that our little one will get to wear it too:
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There is a lot of joy around our household.

Everyone, prepare yourselves for Trixie. (Her official blog name.)

13 April 2015

Felix at 2.5

A few things about Felix at age 2.5:
  • He is adorable.
  • He's really blonde.
  • He narrates everything all day long.
  • He tries to participate in adult conversations, and it's very funny.
  • He loves to take baths, have lotion put on his face, comb his hair, brush his teeth, get dressed, and choose his own clothes.
  • He's potty trained.

A few of his favorite things:

  • Playing outside.
  • Playing with his big brother.
  • Laughing hysterically at his own toilet humor.
  • Rice.
  • Green beans.
  • Salad dressing.
  • Reading books, especially The Bravest Knight by Mercer Mayer.
  • Trucks and cars.
  • Helping with emptying the dishwasher.
  • Doing his own laundry.
  • Being held or carried.

Felix is a pretty easy-going kid. He's two, so he has tantrums, but he's pretty easily persuaded to calm down. He repeats after us quite a bit, and though he's a good talker, he still has funny things that he says. He likes to sing, and he often has conversations with himself: "I need to go potty. Okay, let's go potty. Okay, take off your pants. Good job."

He loves to go places as a whole family and is very concerned about making sure everyone is included. Felix regularly tells me and Eric, "No go work today, Mom [or Dad]." He doesn't understand that there is a baby coming to our family soon, and usually when I talk about it he says, "I have a baby button too."

As a rule, Felix takes a while to warm up to people he doesn't know, or even people he does know but hasn't seen in a while. New environments can make him nervous, and he's likely to hang around me waiting to feel comfortable before diving in to join the fun. I'm happy to have him around me because he is so sweet.

03 April 2015

Pregnancy Brain

I don't feel like I've really had "pregnancy brain" with the first two, but I'm definitely feeling it this time. Generally I think "pregnancy brain" is not a fair description. I think the symptoms are caused more by lack of sleep  than anything else. There's also the general malaise of pregnancy that can make a person lose focus, and the fact that sometimes it is just really challenging to focus on anything besides the things that make you feel ill. With all that said, here are a few instances of my pregnancy brain:

  • I sat down for choir practice before church and realized I was wearing slippers. (Good thing we live in Utah and the church is a two-minute drive away.)
  • I sent my husband a text message intended for my brother.
  • I sat down to write this blog post about my numerous pregnancy brain experiences and now cannot recall any more examples. How fitting.