22 April 2015

Baby #3

On Monday I found out that, much to my surprise, my baby is a girl baby. I was just so certain I was having a boy. Since that time I have said the following phrases each more than once:
  • I don't know how to girl.
  • I hope she likes canoeing.
  • I have to buy new clothes for this one.
  • I guess I better look around for girl clothes at yard sales now.
  • I have to learn to do hair.
  • I get to crochet things for a girl!
  • We have no names for a girl.
  • This may explain why my heartburn has been so insanely bad.
I feel like I'm finally wrapping my head around it. I am excited for our new adventure! A few years ago my parents sent me the blessing dress that my mom made for me. I am so pleased that our little one will get to wear it too:
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There is a lot of joy around our household.

Everyone, prepare yourselves for Trixie. (Her official blog name.)


Jana said...

Congratulations! If I can do it, anyone can, haha. And don't pack your boy clothes away too far; I wish I have saved more of the boys' t-shirts and rompers especially to put Carma in, especially when we're just outside in the yard or around the house and people aren't nearby to yell at me for it :). But I'm excited for you!

Feisty Harriet said...

!!!!! This is so exciting!!! Congratulations!! Not all girls are pretty-pink-princess girls, you know. I loved the camping and dirt and trucks and blocks part of having older brothers. :)