12 May 2014

Ike Speaks #2

Me: Did you have a nice nap?
Ike: No, I had a mean nap.

Me: Hey mister, why aren't you in bed?
Ike: Because I'm downstairs. I'm not in bed.

Trying to learn the days of the week:
Ike: Is it Morrow-day?

Ike, while pretending with his friend: Oh, Santa Twaus is here! Hi Santa Twaus! You bwing us waisins and marshmawwows and pwetzels?
Setting the bar pretty low there, buddy.

Me: Let's get ready to go. We have to take Felix to the doctor.
Ike: Tan I tum?
Me: Yes, I can't very well leave you at home.
Ike: But I'm gonna miss you.
Me: What? You're coming with me.
Ike: But wittle kids miss their moms.

After getting Ike a free bike while he was out with Eric:
Me: Ike, what do you see there in the garage?
Ike: A BIKE!
Me: Who is it for?
Ike: Isaac? (his cousin his age.)
Me: Uh, no, it's for a little boy who lives in this house.
Ike: Uncle John?
Me: Uh, no. It's for a little boy who lives in our house and who wears underwear because he's potty trained.
Ike: Isaac?
Me: No, it's yours buddy. It's for you!
Squeals of excitement.

Ike: Mom, do you toot?
Me: Yes, everybody toots.
Ike: Not John. 
(He's obsessed with my older brother and works him into the conversation whenever possible.)

After having several discussions about how he can't drive now but will be able to when he's older:
Ike: When I get big I can drive. And you get little and ride in my car seat. And Dad ride in Felix's spot.

Ike, while praying: ... and thank you for my cougar shirt. And thank you for my bwack dinosaur shirt with T-rexes on it.

After asking Ike what we should make for dinner: We should make puptakes!

Me, after he did something naughty: I'm very disappointed in you, Ike.
Ike: I'm appointed in you too, Mom.

Other things I want to remember:

  • He doesn't always feel remorse when he's done something naughty, but when he does it is incredibly sweet.
  • Whenever we get in the car he asks to listen to his Primary music. He can't sing on tempo, and he doesn't know most of the words, but he's pretty cute: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kg6RLnQmfWI&feature=em-upload_owner