15 April 2016

Felix Speaks

Felix: What's in that jam?
Me: Quickly reading off the ingredients of the jam.
Felix: I like pectin!

We arrived at the library, and Felix had fallen asleep in the car. I woke him up as I unbuckled him. As soon as he was a tiny bit awake he blurted out:
Felix: I never seen a tiger shark before!

Felix: I'm the fastest. You know why? I just am. I'm faster than a race car. I'm the fastest in the whole wide world. I'm faster than anyone else. I'm faster than an eagle flying. Or a raben [raven]. All the birds.

While looking at the night sky:
Felix: I just saw a meat-eater! It came from outer space.
Me: Do you mean meteor?
Felix: Yeah, a meat-eater in the sky! It was a fasteroid!

We were in the produce section:
Felix: Can we get some purple cabbage? Because I want some purple cabbage. Because I love it.
A male shopper, about age 30: That's not cabbage, is it? Isn't cabbage white?
Me: Well, this is a type of cabbage. There are lots of types of cabbage.
So basically, my three-year-old knows more about produce than a grown man.

Eric was at the store with both boys, and there was a lady giving out samples:
Lady: This is a dip to make vegetables yummy because vegetables are kind of gross, right?
Felix: Blank, incredulous stare.
Eric: Felix, are vegetables gross?
Felix: Still looking confused. [whispered] No.
A few aisles away:
Ike: Dad, why did that lady say vegetables don't taste good?

When Felix sees a loaf of bread that has seeds or whole grains sprinkled on the top:
Felix: Oh, let's get this bread, it has sprinkles on it!

Felix will ask me to "turn on the garage" when he wants me to open the garage door.

Felix calls silver "sprinkley gray." He also prefers to describe yellow as "golden."

His absolute favorite song is Bach's oratorio "Mighty Lord and King All Glorious," preferably the version sung by Nathan Gunn in the 2011 Christmas concert with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. Have you ever heard a three-year-old sing an oratorio as he wanders around the house? It's the best.

Both Ike and Felix frequently mix up the words "pepperoni" and "macaroni" and request to have macaroni on their pizza.