21 March 2014

A Potty-Trained Boy

Ike is potty trained. My sister-in-law says you can potty train a kid when you're ready and it will take a couple of weeks, or you can do it when they're ready and it will take a couple of days. I went with the long option, and I'm glad I did. If we had waited for Ike it might have been until the end of the summer.

Sadly, one of the points of leverage I used to get him trained was to tell him if he stays dry he doesn't have to take a nap. This was, overall, very successful, with the downside being that my boy rarely takes naps anymore. He really needs a nap most days, so by about 5 each evening he's a total basket case. Sometimes I can convince him to take a nap while I work, but sadly, my child-free afternoons are dwindling away. (This means getting work done and sneaking treats for myself is more challenging.) Still, having a potty trained child is amazing. Who knew?