01 August 2016

Trixie: Eleven Months

I can hardly believe my little baby is already 11 months. It is going by so fast this time.

She has six teeth (four on top and two on bottom), and she bites.

The best news for the past month has been that Trixie does not need to see the cardiologist for another year! I had some concerns going into the cardiology visit in early July (because of questions her pediatrician had about her heart), so I was a little nervous about this cardiology appointment (our first since February). We are all thrilled that she is doing so well!

Trixie is a really mellow child. She doesn't babble a ton, but she does say "hi" occasionally. She also waves more enthusiastically now, but generally only to family members. She likes to smack her lips and click her tongue.

She loves animals. A lot. I took her and her brothers to ride ponies, and while she enjoyed her own pony ride, she loved watching her brothers even more. She giggled and giggled just watching the ponies go around, and she giggled even more when I let her pet one of the big horses. When we were at the petting zoo in Bear World, she couldn't get enough of grabbing the animals' fur. Likewise, she loved to grab fistfuls of my brother's dog's fur. Thankfully, all these animals were really patient with her.

Trixie has been pulling herself up on furniture for about a month now, but she is not yet walking along the furniture. This month she also learned how to climb up the steps, and she's had a couple of tumbles too. She loves to crawl around the house pulling books off shelves, toys out of baskets, and dishes out of cupboards.

She loves to go to the window by the front door and stand there to watch for her brothers or other kids playing outside.

Trixie also loves food. The only exception is bananas. Anything else is fair game. Pictured below: discovering apricots while we picked them at Eric's parents' house, eating the core of a caramel apple our family got from Cold Stone, and devouring an avocado.

01 July 2016

Trixie: Ten Months

Trixie is now a very mobile baby. She can go from lying to sitting and sitting to lying, and she can crawl all around.

In addition to her two bottom teeth, she has two of her top teeth breaking through. Oddly, it wasn't the "two front teeth" (or incisors), but the teeth to sides of those (lateral incisors). I have also caught a glimpse of one of the incisors, so I think it will break through soon.

This girl loves to eat everything. We have yet to give her something she doesn't like.

She learned to wave this month. It took a lot of practice, but it was worth it.

She loves our family's new-to-us piano. She makes a lot of noise when anybody plays it.

She loves bath time and always leans forward to lap up the water like a dog. When she hears the bath water running she comes to check it out. (Felix was like that too.)

This month we've had a lot of family in town, and it has been fun to watch Trixie interact with her cousins. She met Daniel for the second time; he's about 3 months older than her. No pictures, but it was sweet to see him try to mimic the way she crawls. (He's a bum-scooter rather than a crawler, but he was intrigued watching her on all fours and gave it a try a few times.) She also got to meet her nearly-twin-cousin for the first time. They are about 17 hours apart. We took several pictures of them together but this was the best I've got. They are behaving like Disney princesses and not looking at one another. (Has anybody else ever noticed this? When you put multiple princesses in one image, they don't interact with each other and they all stare in different directions.) Also, Trixie sure is chubby next to her little peanut cousin.

All in all, Trixie is a delightful little girl. We are loving watching her grow and develop. 

10 June 2016

Road Trip to Southern Utah

Our original road trip plans were rather ambitious, but as the reality of "we have a small baby" set in, Eric and I (mostly I) decided to tone things down. We spent a few days in Southern Utah, and everyone had a splendid time.

First we went to Bryce Canyon National Park. It was my first visit, and I was really impressed. Eric had been once before, but he only hiked around the rim. We did a few hikes, and our boys did great. One hiker said, in broken English, that Felix is a future Everest hiker. We loved listening to people speak different languages and then telling our kids to say hello to those people in their native languages. Also, some Asians took pictures of our boys while they were sitting at the picnic table without us. I guess they like blondes. And many Asians were obsessed with Trixie, especially when she was leaning out of the hiking backpack as best she could to see what was going on in front of her.

We hiked the Navajo Loop. It is 1.4 miles total, with the first part being down some switchbacks, and the next part being up some different switchbacks. Our little troopers hiked the whole thing (with many breaks).

Most of the time, Trixie looked like this, and people found her position very amusing:

Ike and Felix are best friends, and I love it. (Though, if you ask them who their best friends are, neither will name his brother. One day they'll recognize that they are more than brothers.)

That night we camped near Bryce Canyon, and it was a perfect camping spot. Everyone did great at camping, except Trixie. She needs more practice.

The next day we returned to Bryce Canyon for more hiking. We hiked the Queens Garden Trail, and I liked it even better than the Navajo Loop. It was slightly longer, and again, our boys did really well.

We ran into Eric's cousin and her family while we were there. The following day they ran into Eric's brother and his family, who also were in Southern Utah for our sister-in-law's family's reunion.

As the weather warmed up (triple digits - we did not luck out with nice weather for this trip. It was blazing hot.), we headed to Cedar Breaks National Monument. It is like Bryce Canyon on steroids. It is a much higher elevation, so it is closed for most of the year, and it is generally inaccessible. There are a couple of trails, but they were still very muddy and snowy, so we just checked out the lookout points and went on our merry way. (Also note that this was the only time during the trip that I wore Trixie in the pack. Eric is a pack mule. That girl is heavy.)

Really though, these boys love each other. And look how blonde they are. It's no wonder the Asians were marveling at them.

After Cedar Breaks, we went to St. George and stayed in a condo. The next day we went to Snow Canyon State Park, which is a pretty cool place. Have I mentioned the heat? It was oppressive. We didn't last long at Snow Canyon before we headed back to our condo for mandated naps before going to see Zootopia.

On Saturday we went to Zion National Park. We had high hopes for an early arrival and a day full of hiking, but our late start and exhausted bodies stymied us. We hiked to the lower Emerald Falls, walked along the River Walk Trail, played in the very cold river, and then called it a day. What should have been a four-hour drive home took us six due to unscheduled potty breaks and ornery children, but we all made it home in one piece.

For the record:
  • The boys had been to Zion before, but neither could remember it.
  • On his last camp out (father and sons camp out with the ward), Felix fell into a Dutch oven and sustained a nasty burn on his leg. On the camp out before that he fell into a cactus, and we had to pick barbs out of his bum by flashlight in the dark. This camping trip was injury-free for him! (My dad says we need to get him a suit of armor to wear while camping, and that's probably true.)
  • Trixie liked to fall asleep with her head sticking out. In the one picture above where she is resting her head on Eric's back (like a normal person would), she was only in that position because I placed her so. Usually when I tried to rearrange her sleeping body to a comfortable position, she would flop right back to the head-sticking-out-to-the-side position.
  • If you ask Ike and Felix about their favorite part of the trip, they will tell you it was the swimming pool at the condo and going to see Zootopia. So, basically, things we could have done at home.
  • I really am pleased with how well my boys hiked, in case you couldn't tell. Nearly two miles (length of the Queens Garden Trail) on steep trails for a scrawny 3.5 year old is pretty impressive.
  • Ike wore a "Don't Mess With Texas" shirt one of the days, and he loved to "trick" people by telling them our family was from Texas. Where in Texas? "Just the normal part."
  • Both boys were totally zonked out during church on Sunday.
  • On the drive home when Felix was incredibly cranky, Eric and I decided to stop and get ice cream. We went to a Burger King, but ice cream was not on the dessert menu, so Eric ordered a couple of shakes, which, Felix was not particularly interested in having. He then declared he wanted crackers (which we had in the car). As Ike and I finished up the shakes, Eric took Felix back to the car to get the more desirable crackers, when he saw a man walking out with a couple of soft-serve ice cream cones. And that was not the most humorously frustrating stop on our drive home, but now you have a better idea of why it took us so long to get home.
  • Okay, I can't reference a more humorous stop and not give more details. Shortly after a bathroom break, Ike declared he needed to go. We tried to make him wait but ultimately had to pull over to a rarely-used exit to let him do his business. While helping him, Eric was attacked by angry bees. While Eric literally ran around the exit ramp swatting at the bees, I stared, baffled, from the car. Ike continued his procedure totally unaware of his father. Somehow everyone was able to re-enter the car un-stung.

30 May 2016

Trixie: Nine Months

It's been an eventful month for Trixie. She now army crawls and sits up really well on her own. She occasionally goes from sitting up to lying down so she can crawl, but mostly when I put her down sitting up she just sits there placidly. Once she finally tips over, she'll go all over the place. She's gotten into a sitting position on her own once. I'm sure she'll get much better over this next month.

This month was Trixie's maiden voyage in a canoe. I'm not going to lie, we ditched the ill-fitting life jacket pretty early on.

She started to get a bit fussy toward the end of the journey, but overall, she was a great baby on her first canoe ride.

We went again this past Saturday with various people in our ward who also own boats, and she was even better the second time. Also, we borrowed a learn-to-swim vest from somebody (not technically a life jacket, but probably better than nothing), and that worked somewhat better than the life jacket. Mostly she sat in my lap, but I also plopped her down on the floor of the boat and let her gnaw away at my apple core, which she thought was pretty okay.

Our boat was really full with our three kids and two additional kids from our friends' family.

This month we discovered that Trixie does not like grass.

But she does like balloons. (She was giggling like crazy while Grandma Great played with her.)

I love to dress her up on Sundays for church. (Also, note that her eyes are still blue. People often comment about that. I think they might stay blue with this one, but we'll see.)

Trixie loves her brothers, and they love her. I was on a phone call one morning that wasn't wrapped up by the time she woke up, so I sent her brothers to entertain her until I could go get her. They found the whole concept of climbing into her bed hilarious. She enjoyed having them around, but I think she was also a little bewildered by the experience.

We've bathed all three kids together a few times before, but it was hard with the little baby seat and the two boys. Now that Trixie can sit up on her own, it's easier to bathe all three. But it's still kind of crowded. (Also, look at those tan lines on my boys. And it's only May! I need to be more diligent with daily sunscreen for them.)

 And, I saved the best picture of the month for last. We took this one of her at the Tulip Festival at Ashton Gardens. I love tulips, and I love this baby.

01 May 2016

Trixie: Eight Months

This past month has been one of mobility. Trixie doesn't crawl (or even army crawl) yet, but she does roll all around. She'll be crawling by next month.

This month Trixie has loved watching her brothers play. She really wants to join them, which is her major motivator in figuring out movement. She also loves the exersaucer. And all foods. I have yet to feed her something that she doesn't like. All food is good and desirable to this baby.

Also, she has two teeth! I know that's not a big deal, but the boys didn't get teeth until eleven months, so to see a tooth pop through at just past the seven-month mark was surprising. And then its neighbor followed a week or so later. I spent all month saying, "I can't believe you have teeth already!" even though having teeth at this age is perfectly unexceptional.

We took Trixie camping and hiking for the first time this month. She was a champion hiker (because really, how hard is it to ride around in a backpack?), but not such a champion camper. Once she is finally sleeping through the night, I think she'll be better at camping. I tried sleep training her this month but took a hiatus when she got an ear infection.

I am insanely sad that she has outgrown this dress. It was fun while it lasted, though.

Here she is, happy as a hiking clam.

She has really grown to love the exersaucer. She loves all the toys around it, but she also loves that she can flail her body around while she's in it and not hit her head on anything.

Ike actually took this picture of her. She was so excited about him standing over her with my phone that she couldn't stop flailing around. She adores her brothers.

15 April 2016

Felix Speaks

Felix: What's in that jam?
Me: Quickly reading off the ingredients of the jam.
Felix: I like pectin!

We arrived at the library, and Felix had fallen asleep in the car. I woke him up as I unbuckled him. As soon as he was a tiny bit awake he blurted out:
Felix: I never seen a tiger shark before!

Felix: I'm the fastest. You know why? I just am. I'm faster than a race car. I'm the fastest in the whole wide world. I'm faster than anyone else. I'm faster than an eagle flying. Or a raben [raven]. All the birds.

While looking at the night sky:
Felix: I just saw a meat-eater! It came from outer space.
Me: Do you mean meteor?
Felix: Yeah, a meat-eater in the sky! It was a fasteroid!

We were in the produce section:
Felix: Can we get some purple cabbage? Because I want some purple cabbage. Because I love it.
A male shopper, about age 30: That's not cabbage, is it? Isn't cabbage white?
Me: Well, this is a type of cabbage. There are lots of types of cabbage.
So basically, my three-year-old knows more about produce than a grown man.

Eric was at the store with both boys, and there was a lady giving out samples:
Lady: This is a dip to make vegetables yummy because vegetables are kind of gross, right?
Felix: Blank, incredulous stare.
Eric: Felix, are vegetables gross?
Felix: Still looking confused. [whispered] No.
A few aisles away:
Ike: Dad, why did that lady say vegetables don't taste good?

When Felix sees a loaf of bread that has seeds or whole grains sprinkled on the top:
Felix: Oh, let's get this bread, it has sprinkles on it!

Felix will ask me to "turn on the garage" when he wants me to open the garage door.

Felix calls silver "sprinkley gray." He also prefers to describe yellow as "golden."

His absolute favorite song is Bach's oratorio "Mighty Lord and King All Glorious," preferably the version sung by Nathan Gunn in the 2011 Christmas concert with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. Have you ever heard a three-year-old sing an oratorio as he wanders around the house? It's the best.

Both Ike and Felix frequently mix up the words "pepperoni" and "macaroni" and request to have macaroni on their pizza.