16 March 2015

Matching Boys

Most of the clothes my boys own are of the second-hand variety. We've been gifted many items of clothing (the vast majority), and have purchased at yard sales as well. Occasionally I do splurge and buy them new items, so sometimes they get to match:

Matching dinosaur shirts purchased at Target:

Matching polo shirts, also purchased at Target:

Matching jammies for Christmas 2013:
There are also matching jammies from Christmas 2014, but no picture yet.

And not matching, but at least coordinating Thomas the Tank Engine pajamas, that both boys have since outgrown:

(Anyone who has tricks on getting two little boys to be simultaneously still and smiling for pictures gets bonus points!)

And now they have these:
This picture was taken a couple of days after telling them that Felix is also going to be a big brother, and although Ike does not look happy, that was simply because he wasn't in the picture-taking mood. He is very excited to be having a new baby in our family. Felix doesn't really get it, but when told to pretend to "wash his bum" for the camera, he happily complied, thus getting him to get his hands out of the way so the text on his shirt was visible, and getting a happy face on. The child already loves any form of potty humor.

I feel badly that I'm just getting around to this, since I posted about it on a couple of social media sites nearly a week ago. But I'm due in early September. I think it's another boy.