06 October 2015

Felix Is Three

He is smaller than most two-year-olds, but he's definitely three. Felix loves:
  • Cooking and baking with me, especially when he gets to taste things. He is an adventurous eater and loves vegetables. He had a picky phase around two, but he is now probably the best three-year-old in the world when it comes to eating . For example, he loves to eat onions as I slice them.
  • His blue blanket. I have to be sneaky to get it washed.
  • Playing with his brother and other neighborhood kids.
  • Singing.
  • Potty humor.
  • Repeating everything his brother says.
  • Taking baths, unless we want to wash is hair.
  • Most things dealing with personal grooming, especially putting on lotion.
  • Loading his own clothes into the washer.
  • Going places as a family, especially the Thanksgiving Point Gardens and the aquarium.
  • Nursery.

Felix tends to be fairly shy, but sometimes he surprises me with how willing he is to engage with new people. He is, for a three-year-old boy, quite sensitive to other people's feelings. He cried more at watching Ike's reaction to his flu shot than he did for his own shot.

He loves to dress himself and usually has an article of clothing on inside out or backwards. (In the picture above his flip flops are on the wrong feet.) He has the capability to be a good helper but usually insists that he cannot help because he's "busy," or because, "that might be weird." He gets lots of his prepositions and pronouns mixed up. (The other day, when I called his sister "chubby baby" he said, "She's name is not Chubby Baby! She's name is Trixie!")

We love this little boy and feel lucky to have him in our family.

01 October 2015

Trixie: One Month

This month has flown by. Trixie is a sweet and cuddly baby. She loves breastfeeding (and bottles too, occasionally), which explains why she is getting so chubby. Trixie also loves sleeping (we've gotten a few stretches of 5+ hours, and one that was about 7) and watching the ceiling fan. She is still on oxygen, but I had to replace her grippers recently and took the opportunity to get some cannula-free pictures. She is such a doll. Our whole family loves her.