03 April 2015

Pregnancy Brain

I don't feel like I've really had "pregnancy brain" with the first two, but I'm definitely feeling it this time. Generally I think "pregnancy brain" is not a fair description. I think the symptoms are caused more by lack of sleep  than anything else. There's also the general malaise of pregnancy that can make a person lose focus, and the fact that sometimes it is just really challenging to focus on anything besides the things that make you feel ill. With all that said, here are a few instances of my pregnancy brain:

  • I sat down for choir practice before church and realized I was wearing slippers. (Good thing we live in Utah and the church is a two-minute drive away.)
  • I sent my husband a text message intended for my brother.
  • I sat down to write this blog post about my numerous pregnancy brain experiences and now cannot recall any more examples. How fitting.

1 comment:

Feisty Harriet said...

So, I'm not pregnant, and I clearly missed the post where you announced that you are....and/or I left a congratulatory comment and them promptly forgot about it.