19 March 2008

Bed and Breakfast

I know that I shared pictures of our flat before, but really. I don't think they do it justice. We have an amazing view! And whenever people come over, they always go back to it. Here we are in the middle of a conversation and, "Wow! That really is a terrific view!"

Honestly, sometimes I forget that I live here, and I'll think to myself how nice it was that Eric brought me to this lovely place to spend some time together. Honestly. That thought runs through my head. And then I remember that this is my flat! I live here!

Today's views were particularly lovely. They are always best when it is a sunny day. We can see very far into the distance, and there is such clarity. It is really breathtaking.

I had that feeling of being at a nice little bed and breakfast again today. I think it had to do with Eric bringing me breakfast in bed. He's charming, isn't he?

You should come visit us!*

*No strangers, please.

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