19 February 2008

Our Flat

Here are some photos of our lovely flat here in Dunedin! Everyone* is invited to come visit us!

This is the living room/dining room. We have a kitchen table with four chairs, a couch-bed, and a tv, which we don't intend to watch.This is our living room window. Pretty nice, huh? That large house directly in front is a fancy-pants bed and breakfast. You could come out and stay there, or you could come out and stay with us. You'd have a better view. (But I'm pretty sure our couch-bed isn't quite as comfortable, and my food probably isn't as good.)

This is a zoomed-in view from our living room window. You can see a bit of the neighborhood, parts of downtown, the harbor, the peninsula and the ocean.

Here is another view out our front window. It's just amazing, and it's a major reason we chose this flat.
This is our tiny, tiny kitchen. Tiny. To the left is our stove and oven. It is about 1/4 the size of a normal oven, and has two burners on top. It will really limit the things I can make.

The microwave and fridge are actually in the living room. And the fridge is TINY! The freezer? Even smaller. It's just a little box within the fridge. It's large enough to hold a half-gallon of ice cream, but here ice cream is sold in two-liter containers which are too big for our little freezer. Also, since we are not in America (and our fridge is so small) the eggs stay out. And, they are brown because brown eggs are cheaper here! (Everything is backwards!)
Even though the kitchen is very small, there is lots of room for storage. And, as you Mums can see, we have more than enough food for the two of us!

Our wee bathroom. It's small but sufficient.

Here is half of our bedroom. As you can see, we have quite a large window in here as well. It faces the same way as the living room window. It makes for lots of sunlight and impressive views any time of day.

This is the view out our bedroom window. You can see lots of downtown Dunedin, the Harbor, a bit of the peninsula and the Pacific Ocean. Pretty amazing.

This is another view out our bedroom window. All those trees make up the Green Belt, which is just a strip of woods right through the city. We walk through them to get to university. Then, of course, is the harbor and the peninsula.

This is the other half of our bedroom. It has a full chest of drawers which aren't visible in the picture. Plus those two little end-tables, the wardrobe there on the right, and the bookshelf on the right.

Here is our building from the street.

Here is the yard in front of our building.

*By "everyone" clearly we mean those of you who read our blog whom we actually know. No strangers, please.


Janssen said...

Wow, you live in New Zealand. Talk about surreal.

Alice said...

Glad to see you now have a home! And more importantly internet. Tell us what you have been doing this last week. How was Chruch.

Love, mom Dandy

Brianne said...

PHENOMENAL COSMIC POWERS!!!! itty-bitty-living-space...

It looks awesome! Good luck and have fun!

care said...

It looks amazing! Well, except for your kitchen and your fridge. Guess you will be eating a lot of fresh food!

hi said...

Wow, your window views look like postcards! :)

Justin said...

These pictures are breathtaking--the scenery's nice but your apartment... What an awesome place to be! Wow!