26 February 2008

Memories, and how sometimes they are better forgotten than remembered

As I sat on the couch the other night, a memory popped into my head inexplicably. A rather embarrassing and hilarious memory, in fact. And as I thought about it, I began smiling. Eric happened to notice my smirk and asked me what I was thinking about. I told him the story, and he also agreed that it was one of my funnier stories.

I decided I ought to blog about it. Which got me thinking even more. Nathan once asked if blogging could be considered family history, and I answered in the affirmative without even thinking. Mostly, blogging is genealogy because it's like keeping a journal. But I think you could write about memories as well, and I've decided that I'm going to start doing that. Especially when I can't think of much to blog about.

Memory the First:

Before going to BYU oodles of people told me how hip and happening the dating scene would be. Oodles. But when I got there, I was a little let down. I happened to get a boyfriend quite early in my freshman year, but even before that I didn't go on any dates (besides with the guy that became my boyfriend). And my friends weren't going on a whole lot of dates either. That summer I went home and talked about this curiosity to the members of my singles' ward, and they assured me that the dating scene would pick up the following year, when I wasn't living in the dorms any more. In fact, several people made it seem as though I wouldn't have time to do homework because I'd be going on dates every night.

And of course, I was excited about this. Boys! Dates! Free meals! Boys!

But then my sophomore year started, and not a lot was happening. And it wasn't just me. My roommates also weren't doing a ton of dating.

About six weeks into the semester I was sitting in a large (300-400 people) lecture hall for a business class, and the professor was discussing buyer expectations and how sometimes products don't meet those expectations. The professor asked for examples specifically related to BYU. In what ways had BYU let us down?

I muttered audibly to my two friends, "I thought I'd go on more dates." And they laughed. They insisted that I raise my hand and share with the class. "No way," I said. But they insisted that it was too funny to let it pass.

I raised my hand. The professor called on me, and I said, "I thought I'd be asked on more dates."


Silence like you've never heard.

And then the teacher called on somebody else who said something about how the football team had let him down. And that was that.

I'm not sure why people didn't laugh. I guess people didn't know it was a snide comment and allowed to be laughed at. They probably just thought I was one of the many bitter girls at BYU.

I'm pretty sure I didn't make any comments for the rest of the year.

Also, that semester I started dating Eric, so everything is fine, and I'm not bitter. :) But I do want to make it known that I really didn't go on many dates at all during my time of being single at BYU.


Janssen said...

Oh man, I totally remember that time. I almost feel like I was there :)

Awkward, indeed.

TheMoncurs said...

Ya know, I had the same thought on dating at BYU. I very much remember spending a LOT of weekends sitting alone at home. My roommates didn't date much either, so I'm pretty sure everyone just remembers things differently than they really were.

Bart said...

You may not have sparked laughter at the time, but you did today. Thanks for reminding me of this story. It's too funny to not be shared.

gklindsay said...

You are the cutest, best date Eric Ever had. I bragged about you today!