20 February 2008

First two days in New Zealand

When we arrived in Christchurch after travelling for more than 24 hours, we were surprisingling alert, so we decided to spend a little while at the Christchurch Botanic Gardens before heading down to Timaru where we stayed the night. The gardens were free, and quite beautiful. We really enjoyed walking around and noticing all the different types of trees, bushes and flowers that we just don't have in the states. Eric was especially impressed with the trees because they are so tall.

On Wednesday, after staying the night in Timaru, we headed down to Dunedin. We made a quick stop at the Moraki Boulders, as seen below. These boulders are really cool! They are just as round as can be, and they formed completely naturally. Eric says it looks like God made them with a giant ice cream scoop! It was great to spend a little bit of time on the beach even though it was rather cloudy and cold.

As you can tell, some of the boulders are breaking. They were really cool to see in person. The pictures don't do them justice!

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Bart said...

Cool rocks. Just looking at them makes me want to jump from rock to rock (especially if they weren't so wet and possibly slippery).

Good to see you're alive and well in NZ!