28 February 2008

Next Week...

Did you know that I'm going to Australia next week? Because I am.

I'm going to Adelaide, Sydney, Canberra and Melbourne. It's with work, and I'll be giving presentations and meeting with potential partners and such. I will be gone for nine days, essentially. It will be the longest Eric and I have been away from each other.

On the up-side. I'm going to Aus! And, Eric and I are thinking of going up to Cairns to do some snorkeling in the Great Barrier Reef during his mid-winter break (in June, when it is freezing here), and this will give me a chance to see some other things in Australia and decide if we should add them to our potential trip in Cairns. I've heard Sydney is amazing.

I won't have a lot of sight-seeing time, but I will have some. Any suggestions for those four cities?


TheMoncurs said...

You are just so. freaking. lucky right now.

snowpunter said...

I've been to Canberra and Sydney. If you go to Canberra make sure you go to the War Memorial. Its way cool!!! Don't miss the cool museum there too as I spent too much time walking around outside and didn't get to see most of the cool stuff they have inside.

I'll second the snorkeling in Cairns as well, its a blast!

Syndey is altogether a sweet place, in addition to the Opera House and that bridge, make sure you go up the Tower and check out the city from there. You can look out over some of harbor.