04 February 2008


I've been having an ongoing conversation in my head for about 7 weeks now. Today it sounds like this:

Me: Hey, you're moving across the planet in seven days.
Other me: No, I'm not.
Me: Yes, you are. In seven days.
OM: Oh, really? Hmmmm.... AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!


Yesterday church was canceled because there was so much snow. I didn't think it was that bad, but the church is on a hill, and the roads in the neighborhood hadn't been plowed. I've never even heard of church being canceled until yesterday.


I think Orem is confused about what city it is. It's acting like Jackson Hole with all its snow. I've really never seen so much snow in Utah. Of course, I've only been here five years. But even Eric says it's more snow than he's ever seen. The other day at work I was whining and I said, "Why does it keep snowing?" My boss responded, "Because we've been praying for it for five years." Okay. Fair enough.


Andrew gave Eric a Lord of the Rings trivia game (film version) for Christmas, and Eric has been quizzing me. We are such nerds. Actually, Eric is the nerd because I don't know most of the answers. This is mostly because all the names of the characters and the places are so strange and I can't ever remember which place is which. Really, I'm pretty bad about mixing up all the names. I've never read the series, and frankly I don't intend to because I had to read The Hobbit when I was in seventh grade and I loathed it. I tried to read it again later on, and I just couldn't get into it. I really detest books that go on and on describing settings. As I recall, the first 45 pages of The Hobbit are devoted to describing the door of Bilbo's home.* I am driven by plot and characters. Do not bother me with descriptions of places. I just don't see it, so I just don't care. And that's why I have no plans to read the series.


I should finish Gone With the Wind tonight. I still love Rhett. I don't care for Scarlett, but I also adore Scarlett. And the book? Amazing. I love the way it is written; the chapter about Frank and Scarlett really helped me understand both of them and feel sympathy for both of them in a way that I really didn't anticipate. That's one of the best qualities of the book, I think, that it is written in such a way that I feel like I can identify with all the characters, even if they are terrible people. Margaret Mitchell really makes the characters round, and not just a few of them, but most of them.

*I may be exaggerating.


Jaime said...

I feel the same way about Scarlett and Rhett for that matter. It's such an interesting book because of that! Have you heard about the new book, Rhett Butler's People? I got it for Christmas and haven't started it yet but I've heard it's quite good!

Janssen said...

I love Rhett.

Anyway, I think the Hobbit is horrible too. i read it TWICE and disliked it both times.