20 February 2008

Sandfly Bay and Tunnel Beach

On Monday evening we went on a drive up the Peninsula. Then, on Tuesday we went to Tunnel Beach. Here are some photos:

We saw tons (literally) of sea lions on the beach at Sandfly Bay. They didn't do much. Occasionally one would move. I pointed out several of the sea lions, as you can tell. There is at least one more that I missed when I edited that photo. Plus, we saw about 10 more that were too far away to photograph. I like it better when sea lions do tricks.

We waited and waited to see the Yellow Eyed Penguins (the RAREST penguins in the whole world that happen to live right here in Dunedin), but we only saw these two chicks up on the hill waiting for their mum and dad to bring them food. We also saw a full-grown penguin mid-way up the hill just sitting there. He stayed there, not going up or down, the whole time we stayed in the hides (about an hour). We didn't get a very good look at any of them, so that part of the trip was a little bit disappointing. We'll have to go back some time.
When we were climbing up the sandhill of death after observing the penguins and sea lions for a while (and waiting for more penguins to come) we noticed a cruise ship. Eric loves ships, so I took a picture with him and the ship.

This is Eric going down into the Tunnel to get to Tunnel Beach. From what I know, there were some people who wanted a private beach, so they built this tunnel that goes down from the cliffs to a little beach below. Now it is a touristy spot, and quite, quite beautiful. And free, which is kind of a big deal for us.

The day before, at Sandfly Bay, we really didn't get a good view of the penguins. But then on Tuesday we found this little guy hiding out in a cave at Tunnel Beach. I zoomed in, so I wasn't that close to him. There are signs everywhere telling us not to go too close to the little birds because they are just petrified of people. (Imagine that.)

It was really too cold to play in the water, but neither of us could resist. In this part, the waves would bring the water in really fast, and really high. So we started playing a sort of "get chased by the waves" game where we would try to predict which waves would bring the really high water and then run away from those waves and jump on the big rocks before we got completely soaked. It was cold and fun. Also wet.

Eric LOVED (loves) just watching the waves roll in and out.


Bart said...

These posts help confirm our desire to live abroad when we finish school. It's too bad you can't pet the sea lions and penguins.

snowpunter said...

A blog eh? Well too bad Eric will never see it since he fails to utilize the internets. Ever.

Papa Smith said...

Tell Eric he looks like he's in the heaven, looking at the ocean. He looks as content as a man holding hands with another man....ahhhh.