15 March 2008

Michelle's Footraces

Michelle (Eric's sister) is a fast runner, and we've gotten to watch her race a few times. Usually we would try to watch her if she was running in Provo, and once we got to see her run in San Diego. She has been to nationals a few times, but we've never been able to go, even though we've really wanted to.

This weekend she ran in the 2008 NCAA Indoor Track and Field Championships in Fayetville, Arkansas. Fortunately for us, the University of Arkansas broadcast the events live! So, on our Saturday and her Friday, we watched her run in the preliminary 1600m race where she qualified to race in the final with nine other girls.

We also got to see her run in the distance medley with her teammates.

But the most exciting part was watching her race in the finals. We had to go late to church to watch her, but it was totally worth it. We were so excited to be able to watch her race live, and we wish she could have heard our cheers for her!

Way to go, Michelle!

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Alice said...

next time give us a heads up before not after her run so we can watch also.