14 March 2008

Cafe Del Sol

Last night we went to a Mexican restaurant in town. Honestly, we weren't expecting much because, after all this city, even this whole country for that matter, is not full of Mexicans like the U.S. But, we both really love Mexican food and thought we'd give it a shot.

We were immediately worried when we didn't get any chips and salsa. None. Perhaps you have to pay for it.

I got a little more concerned when Eric told the waitress he would like "Enchiladas Rojos" because it should have been called "Enchiladas RojAS." But, okay, I could deal with that because it's just a typo. No big deal.

And then I realized that most dishes only came with rice. Beans cost extra money. WHAT?

And THEN! They brought our food out. The rice? White, steam rice. Just plain steamed rice.

With all that said, the food was really quite good. Just not Mexican.

It kind of reminded me of my friend who ate at a Chinese restaurant in the middle of a Native American reservation. Sometimes our cravings for ethnic food just can't be met the way we'd like.

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Janssen said...

Oh dear. How's the Chinese food over there?