25 March 2008


On Sunday as part of the conference we went for a walk to the first settlement in Otago. It was a pleasant walk and had beautiful views! It's no wonder folks decided to settle there.

There were lovely woods to walk through.
And, of course, there was the sea!

And sheep! We never get enough sheep!

And here are the buildings. I don't know if the buildings themselves are real, but they might have been. They have been kept up pretty well so people can go in and see how big they were and what kind of furniture was in them. Sort of. Some rooms were empty. Rooms that were blocked off

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from NC--NKL and Fam said...

Hi Sherry and Eric,
I just got to read through a lot of your past entries since you arrived there, and it was so fun! Between the many views from your windows, and the gorgeous scenery on your walks, it must be so heavenly! (Okay, mostly since you have each other....) I guess the tiny drawbacks (like no icecream in the freezer) will help draw you back to us someday (or will we lose you indefinitely to such a place?) Loved Eric in pink pajamas. Glad you posted that :-)