14 May 2007


This weekend, Eric and I went to San Diego with his parents, his brother, his brother-in-law, and the Grandparents L to watch his sister dominate in the 800M race at the Mountain West Conference championships. It was well worth the trip.

I had never been to California before (well, not really). The Topless Girls and I went down to Las Vegas freshman year, and we crossed the state line, just so I could say I'd been to California. But, I've always felt guilty counting California as one of my 13 states when I had only been there for about 10 minutes (if that).

It was an extraordinarily fun trip, not because all eight of us were crammed into a nine-seater SUV, but because Eric's family is so much fun, especially his darling grandparents. Most of the time, I sat in the back seat with Eric's grandma, and she is just a fun lady. She said some funny things: "I'm too far away from Grandpa to be a good backseat driver back here. Slow down, Richard!" and "Don't say that at my funeral, Andrew." I really got her talking about her childhood and about her parents, especially when Eric was sitting nearby and could hear her. He seems to know so little about his older relatives (beyond grandparents), and sometimes I find that I know more about them than he does. It was good for him to learn about Grandma L's parents- what they were like, what they liked to do, etc. Grandpa, of course, was a hoot as well. When passing a sign that said "Nude Showgirls" Grandpa said, "Well, that doesn't sound any fun. Let's not go there." It was hilarious. But, you probably should have been there and should know Grandpa L to find it funny.

I think my favorite was when Grandpa named the starting line-up of the New York Yankees from 1939 (or some other time in the 1930s), and Grandma said, "Now name all your grandchildren, Richard!" I can't wait to be just like Grandma and Grandpa when I get old. Can I skip the part where we have kids?

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Janssen said...

Ha! I love that line: "Now name all your grandchildren." I'm glad you guys had such a good time - hooray for trips to California.