30 April 2007

Not to be forgotten

Yesterday was mine and Eric's wedding anniversary. We have been married two years. To celebrate, I came down with some sort of stomach flu all day Saturday and yesterday, and he got his first ever migraine yesterday. It was an anniversary that we likely will not forget.

We graduated on Thursday and Friday. Hooray! Dick Cheney's commencement dress was okay, but I doubt it was worth whatever it cost. He made a few BYU related comments, and as it turns out, two of his speech writers are BYU grads. President Hinckley entered the arena with Cheney, and there was much applause. I hoped Cheney knew it was more for President Hinckley than for him. I, actually, did not clap at all. I just didn't feel it was appropriate to clap for President Hinckley (or Elders Scott and Bednar, for that matter), and I didn't clap for Cheney because I just don't like him.

Since we had to get to the Marriott Center about two hours early, I took a book. I'm about two-thirds of the way through Life and Death in Shanghai. It's about a woman's experience during the Chinese Proletariat Cultural Revolution, and it has been very interesting. I read it while I was in bed all day Saturday and again some more yesterday. I should be finished with it before classes start tomorrow.

Speaking of books, Eric and I bought War and Peace on Saturday. (I thought I was well enough to go to the BYU Bookstore and use our two gift-cards that we got when we purchased our caps and gowns. As it turns out, I was not, and had to repeatedly sit down and/or dash to the bathroom. It was a bad day.) Before I changed my major, we read books together quite a lot, and after much discussion at the store about which books we like and dislike, we decided to read War and Peace together. I read it my senior year of high school, and am really excited to read it again. I remember liking it mucho lots.

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