20 April 2007

Janssen's questions and my answers

1) What's the dumbest/craziest thing you've ever done?

I've done a lot of dumb things, and a lot fewer crazy things. One of the dumb things that comes to mind readily was the really bad prank Skilla and I played on Soapy freshman year. I'm not sure why excactly we thought that would be funny. It was really just dumb. And I still feel bad.

2) One name you'd never name a kid?
Well, I can think of a lot of names I would not want to name my children, especially since I've been working so much with old censuses in the last year and a half. I've seen some really terrible names! But the one I absolutely can't do is name a girl my last name (which is often a girl's name- think "Shirley" or "Gale"). Even though she'd probably get married and would eventually get a new last name, she would have to be L* L* for the first twenty or so years of her life. It's just cruel.

3) Which president of the US would you most like to be first lady for?
I really don't know enough about the presidents to answer this questions. I guess Lincoln. He was a good guy, and he probably was nice to his wife. Or else, I'd rather be a little more in the fore-front, so a later president would be better. Probably FDR. He, too, was a good guy, a very revered President, and he was probably pretty nice to his wife as well. Yeah, FDR it is.

4) Tile or wood floors?
Wood. They seem so classy and enduring. Tile can become dated much easier than wood. Let's make it dark wood, by the way.

5) You only get to wear one color for the rest of your life. Which one and why?
Although my favorite colors are yellow and green, I would probably choose a fuchsia type color. Not as bright as magenta, but a pretty dark pink/reddish color. I always have looked better in reds.


Janssen said...

Awesome answers! FDR, though; he and his wife (Eleanor) weren't close at all. He had an affair, and he was a total mama's boy forever. Basically they both did their own things. She felt like she could be a better additio to the world, though, if they stayed married because she'd have more influence. Sad marriage.

Ben Crowder said...

It's about time you switched to Blogger. :)

And while it was a sad marriage, Eleanor managed to do a lot of good. But I would go with Lincoln if I were you. (But if I were you then I'd feel rather weird about becoming female, so I'm glad I'm not. ;))

Good choice on the wood, by the way.