30 May 2007

Another baby step toward adulthood

So, I have this reluctance to grow up, as I've mentioned before. Today, I took another step toward getting over that problem of mine: I drove to the Eccles Health Sciences Library at the University of Utah. (Part of growing up is being the one to figure out where exactly your kids' meetings and whatnots are and then getting them there safely and on time). I drove there all alone. With only a Post-it note with directions written on it.

To most, this is not a very big deal. But I don't like to drive. I don't like to drive alone. I don't like to drive to places I've never driven to before. And I especially don't like to drive to places I've never even been to before. But, today I did all that. And you know what? I did not die. I did not get in an accident. I did not get lost. I did not lack the ability to find a parking place. I did not get beat up for being a BYU student.

I'm pretty much ready for driving anywhere now. Let me loose in downtown Chicago. Wait, even better, let me loose in downtown London- with a standard!

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