21 May 2007

Books, books, books

Today I finished listening to Silas Marner. Excellent book. Excellent story. I was really pleased with it and the way everything came together in the end. Next up is Jane Eyre followed by Anna Karenina since they are both ready to be picked up at the library.

After reading Janssen's reviews of Twilight and New Moon by Stephenie Meyer, I put Twilight on hold at the library, but I didn't have to wait until my turn came up (I think I was 46th in line) because the lady who owns the house I am house-sitting right now owns both books. I started reading Twilight on Thursday night and finished New Moon on Saturday night. It was an utterly unproductive, lazy, and lovely weekend. I found the stories interesting, yet I didn't really care for the books. I found that I kept reading Twilight because so many people (girls) have told me how amazing, excellent, wonderful, etc. it is. So, I kept reading waiting for it to meet my expectations, and it never really did. Why did I read New Moon then? I'm not entirely sure. As with Twilight I continued reading it waiting for it to get good. Somewhere during the weekend I remembered that these books are meant for young adults, and that made me have a greater appreciation for them. Still, I just didn't think they were as fantastic as everyone else makes them seem.

And yet, I am excited for the third to debut later this summer.

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TheMoncurs said...

(I hope you have it set so your comments get emailed to you because otherwise, I doubt you'll ever see this)

I'm really glad that people have validated my feelings about Twilight...I just hadn't read a single review that wasn't absolutely glowing. I'm not sure I realized it was more of a YA book either..I just knew it was THE MOST AMAZING BOOK EVER. And then I felt like maybe I was missing something for not necessarily agreeing. I enjoyed it (fun escapist type book), but not going to be #1 on my list any time soon.

Also, hi, I read your blog sometimes :)