14 May 2007

The Trip

I can't very well mention our trip without including some pictures.

When we first got to the beach on Thursday night, we were big babies about how cold the water was, and we wanted to avoid getting in. (Plus, we weren't wearing our suits).

Eventually Eric got into the water so he could climb on the rock and look pensive. He didn't intend to get quite so wet.

Eric's mom insisted that we build a sand castle. I opted to take pictures to avoid getting dirty.

Then we watched the sunset. Some locals said it was the best they had seen in a while. Lucky us!

The next day, we went to the beach again. This time, we wore our suits and went swimming. After we got out of the water, I was so cold, I let Eric bury me in the sand. (I detest being covered in sand). He tried to make me look like a mermaid (note the fins), but it looks more like I'm being swallowed by a fish.

We went to Sea World on Friday and on Saturday. It was my first time to see marine mammal in person, and they are very big. It was quite fun. :) I pet dolphins, sting-rays and starfish. Eric thinks it would be cool to eat a whale.

We also went kayaking in La Jolla Bay, and man, that was fun! We got really close to some sea lions, and I took lots of pictures on the water-proof camera. That film hasn't been developed yet, so you will just have to wait in anxious anticipation for those photos.

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