03 April 2008

Be Our Guest

On Tuesday night our friends, Angela and Haki, came over. We fed them dinner, and it was only mediocre dinner. Too bad they didn't come over on Monday when it was really yummy dinner. Alas. While we were getting the food on the table, I mentioned our lack of a cheese grater and how we totally meant to buy one at The Warehouse! Lame! And do you know what? Ange brought us one on Wednesday. She is a nice person.

Also, she brought Tim Tams. Tim Tams are cookies. And with Tim Tams, you make Tim Tam Slams! I had heard from somebody that they were overrated. Whoever that was is wrong. Dead wrong. Tim Tam Slams are the best Kiwi dessert ever.

Here's the gyst:

A Tim Tam is a cookie that is shaped like a bar and covered in chocolate. To turn the Tim Tam into a Tim Tam Slam, you bite off both ends of the cookie and use it ever so briefly as a straw to slurp some hot chocolate. You have to act fast though, because once you slurp, the cookie starts to turn to mush and the chocolate starts to melt.

Unbelievably tasty. So chocolatey, goodnessy, wonderful.

Of all the things to take back to the states. This is it. I'm planning on importing several packages of Tim Tams so we can show all the folks back home how wonderful Tim Tam Slams are.

In fact, I liked them so much, here is chat I had with Eric:
me: can we eat tim tam slams for dinner
Eric: no
me: you are mean
Eric: yes, lets eat chocolate and sugar for dinner
3:50 PM me: exactly!!!!!!
3:53 PM tim tam slams it is then.

Unfortunately, Eric was being sarcastic when he said, "Yes, let's eat chocolate and sugar for dinner." We had leftovers instead.


Bart said...

Tim Tams sound good. I'd eat one if the opportunity presented itself.

Sipping hot chocolate through grasshopper cookies works pretty well, too. There's definitely a technique to doing it properly, but I'd have to practice a few times to master it again. It's been awhile.

I liked your defense on J's blog. I don't blame you for your April Fools prank. It was pretty impressive, really.

Noelle said...

I know exactly what you're talking about. For some reason Tim Tams were all the rage in Phil's mission (Hong Kong) and they slammed entire packages in them in a minute (in the usual missionary contest-type way). We definitely agree with you. Yum!

Matt said...

They also had these in Thailand. They were popular enough amongst the missionaries that someone arranged to have a bunch at the mission reunion this week so everyone can do the slam again (too bad I can't be there).