15 April 2008

Freshman Year Discovery

I loved my freshman year at BYU. I have great memories of the fun times with my roommate, Priscilla, and our neighbors, Heather and Janssen. I miss those girls a ton, and it is often sad to me that we don't live together any more. I mean, I love living with Eric, but I also loved living with those girls.

Every Monday night Heather would come into our room to watch the new Strong Bad email on Homestarrunner.com. (To summarize, homestarrunner.com is a website of a cartoon of sorts. The characters don't make a lot of sense, but they are funny.) Each week I dreaded this nonsense because I just didn't find Strong Bad funny. Or any of the characters. Or anything about the website. I thought it was rubbish. Unfunny rubbish.

That is, until Lures & Jigs. Hilarious.

Since moving down here, Eric and I have rediscovered Homestarrunner.com, specifically the Strong Bad emails. We have even introduced it to a few friends. We like to show them our favorites including Dragon, Japanese Cartoon, English Paper, Diorama, CGNU, and of course, the site's introduction. Usually if none of these get our friends to realize how funny the site is, we show them Lures & Jigs, and it does the trick!

Today Eric went fishing (he's not home yet), and all I could think of was him doing a little dance to attract the fish, while saying, "Hey fish! I'm gonna suggest you get up in here! We've got a keg... of worms... and phytoplancton!" Hilarious, I tell you. Just go watch Lures & Jigs, okay?


JaiJai Jillian said...

"Jigs and lures" was one of the first few that I saw too. In high school we had a friend whose last name was actually Fisher, but we all called him Fish. His senior year when he was in volleyball we would do the "come get into the boat--Fish--come get into the boat--Fish, Fish" jig for him when he did well. Good times!

Kristy said...

"Jigs and lures" has a special place in our hearts as well. Jared says he first knew he loved me when he saw me doing the "come on, get in the boat, fish" dance in the office. Heehee.