20 April 2008

So Long!

Today we head out for the temple trip. (Don't even bother trying to rob the house. We're taking the two things of value with us, and no, I'm not telling you what they are. But really, not that valuable anyway. Plus, neighbors. Just don't bother.) I'm so excited! I'm ready to be in the warmth of the North Island after this weekend where Eric and I were able to see our breath IN OUR APARTMENT! I'm thinking the warm North air will cure my cough. We'll also be celebrating our third wedding anniversary just a few days after we return home, so we'll have to do something nice to celebrate while we are up there. We'll see. And we're going with our friends, Makereta and Matthew. We are going to have lots of fun!

Most importantly, we get to go to the temple all week!

Then when I get home, I will have a gazillion emails to check. And a gazillion blog posts that will have piled up in my reader. But you know what? I'll probably click "mark as read" without reading at least half of them. Sorry. It's a fact.

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Science Teacher Mommy said...

Lovely. I have always wanted to see Templeview. The MTC is there at Church College and from all I've heard, the culture of the place must just be incredible. Hopefully North Island is warmer and you'll get to meet lots of Maoris.

Anei te ra na te atua, mi koa toa kua marama.