11 April 2008

General Conference

I'm happy because today is General Conference Saturday for us. We opted to watch it online for the Saturday sessions for a couple of reasons:
  • Non-Sunday clothes.
  • Not a chapel full of screaming kids.
  • Couch.
  • Sickness.
Yep, I'm sick. Pretty lame because I have no idea how I got sick. The people who we hang out with? Not sick.

This has given Eric another chance to shine, though. Right now he is going to the store to buy me some much-needed cough syrup so that I can actually sleep tonight. (Actually, he just came home with said cough syrup plus throat lozenges! Way to go!) Each morning he has made me a cup of raspberry-peach herbal tea complete with added honey and sugar. Always makes me feel better! What's this you say? I turn my tea into hot Kool-aid?

Yes, that is correct. And it is best that way to drink that often intolerable stuff.

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Science Teacher Mommy said...

When I lived in OZ, we had to wait for the church to convert it to Aussie-formatted VHS tapes and ship it to us. We usually had a weekend in early December and early June before we got to view. What a difference a decade makes!