01 November 2007

Life-changing Caramel Apples

Last night we went to James' and Jenny's apartment where we ate caramel apples and watched The Corpse Bride.

Sounds ordinary, but in fact, it was not. The caramel apples were amazing. James and Jenny decided to mimic them after apples available at The Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory.

We dipped all the apples in caramel. Some of the apples were dipped in white chocolate, others in milk chocolate. From there, some were dipped in crushed Oreos, others in a cinnamon/sugar mix.

My favorite was caramel, milk chocolate and Oreos.


I can never eat a plain caramel apple ever again.

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Bart Bradshaw said...

Sounds delicious. We're big fans of Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory. Janssen wanted to make our own caramel apples, but for some reason I declined. I wasn't thinking straight, and should have just added some crushed Oreos, milk chocolate, etc.

It's not too late.