07 November 2007

Stop killing me!

I'm such a cool sister-in-law. Eric and I are babysitting Andrew this week. He's 16, which is why I like to call it babysitting.

Sometimes to entertain him I play the shoot 'em up game with him. Eric plays too. I used to get really frustrated because I didn't know how to use the controller, I'd get lost in the arena, and the boys kept killing me. I've gotten a lot better, though, and now I think it's fun.

Of course, the boys use pistols and I use an automatic machine gun. Only a slight advantage.

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Science Teacher Mommy said...

You will hate fall-back if you ever have kids. They wake up at six am for about a week until they adjust.

And yes, Marius is lame.

And NEW ZEALAND!!!!!!!!!!

How wonderful. I served my mission in Australia and had a couple of Kiwi comps. When I think of a place Plantboy and I want to go more than any other some days it is NZ. Plantboy has a horticulture degree and would love to do more plant/fruit research and we think a three year sabbatical in NZ would be just about perfect.

You'll love it I'm sure. The accents are great, the people are great, in the N. island they have a really strong Maori influence and it is an incredible culture. The church is strong. . .

Wow! Best wishes.