23 November 2007

Bustling Metropolis of Seattle

Today we woke up late, headed down to the Historical Center for Wooden Boats and rented a row boat. We rowed about Lake Union for about an hour and had a rather enjoyable time. The Center is a museum of wooden boats that have been restored and are actually sailable. Very cool. It's now my life's ambition to own a boat- a 25-footer will do, I think.

Then we rode on a ferry across the Puget Sound to Bainbridge Island where we spent time wandering around ridiculous stores where clothes and things cost too much money. The Sound was beautiful, and it was especially cool to ride back toward Seattle with the city lights aglow.


Janssen said...

Looks like a very fun day!

Bart said...

Looks cold. But fun! I haven't been to Seattle since freshmen orientation at the University of Washington in 1998 (I decided to go to BYU instead, but it was fun going out there!).