02 November 2007

How I Wasted Sixteen Hours of My Life and Why I Plan to do it Again

A friend suggested I watch 24. She insisted I watch 24. We have daily instant message conversations, and I count at least TEN of which she mentioned the show and/or insisted that I watch it. Plus, she has a blog in which she raves about the show.

Eric thought it was something he would enjoy, and so he got the first season from Netflix. (Oh, how we love and adore Netflix). Honestly, we weren't impressed. Hooked, but not impressed.

Last Friday we were watching the third disc (each disc holds 4 episodes which are 40 minutes long without commercials), and when we finished we didn't have anything to do, so we decided to watch the fourth disc, the only problem being that we didn't yet have the fourth disc. After all, we only get one at a time from Netflix. We went to the video store and got the fourth and fifth discs.

Throughout the week we watched disc four and disc five. We borrowed the sixth from Eric's friend. When we asked him for it, he offered the second season, but we didn't want to see it. After all, we really didn't LOVE the show.

We watched the last five episodes, and now we are hooked. We have to see the second season. We just have to. Bah. Here goes another 16 hours.

A major complaint about the show- NONE of the female characters are likeable. Most are downright unlikeable. Those that are not unlikeable are also, unfortunately, not likeable. I hope this is remedied in season two.

Also, those of you who insisted we watch the series- I demand some sort of payment for stealing my life.

And because I love pictures- here's one of Jack, whom I only sort of like. I much prefer George Mason, to be honest.


Janssen said...

Bart said he used to think you could be friends, but now, after the George Mason comment, he's not sure.

What'd you think of the ending?

Kristy said...

Long live Jack Bauer! And I think Chloe is very likeable in her special way. Maybe she's not in Season 1? I don't remember.

Bart Bradshaw said...

I suppose we can be friends regardless of your 24 bashing. For me, it's one of those shows that I really enjoy, but am hesitant to recommend due to the violence and mature content (like Mr. and Mrs. Smith and the Bourne series).

We're on the fifth season now, and I look back and think that the first season was my least favorite. The third season is my favorite. And starting in season 2 there are plenty of likable girls (I liked Nina for most of the first season, btw).