21 November 2007


Apostrophes serve two purposes; they indicate possession or ownership and they replace letters. Today we will be discussing the latter purpose. The apostrophe in "can't" replaces an "no." The apostrophe in "I'll" replaces "wi."

What then does the apostrophe replace in "ya'll"? NOTHING. Because that is the incorrect spelling of the word. The correct way to spell it is "y'all," where the apostrophe serves the purpose of replacing the "ou."

Please get this correct.

Now, if you want to use what is, in my opinion, the BEST word in the English language because it has TWO apostrophes, you may do so. That word is "y'all's." I will use it in a sentence: Let's go over to y'all's house to eat ice cream.

Spell checker will tell you that "y'all's" is not a word. Do not listen to spell checker. It's a liar. As long as you put the apostrophes in the right places, it is a perfectly acceptable word.

And please don't ever spell "y'all" the wrong way again. Or else. Fierce Rhetoric.


Janssen said...

Bwhahahaha. . .I SO need to watch that movie again. I love Tad Hamilton.

John said...

Happy Birthday!
The best is when folks up here in Wyoming try to say y'all but it comes out you-all. Good times.

Bart said...


I ca'nt stand it when poeple maik all sorts of speling errs.

For a birthday present to you, I'll stop writing like that.

Did you figure out if you're going to be free on on New Year's Eve for games?

Loren Legorreta said...

Can't is can not, not can ot. If you're going to scold, make sure it's properly done.