03 November 2007

That's Mrs. Scrooge To You!

Let's set the record straight I love Christmas music. I adore Christmas music. I mostly like the kind with singing, but I can appreciate a nice instrumental piece as well. I enjoy clanking out Christmas hymns on the piano. I'm always pleased to practice Christmas songs with the Primary kids. I listen to Christmas music as I decorate, wrap presents and do the necessary Christmas baking.

For these reasons, I insist that Christmas music not be played until after Thanksgiving. I would hate ever getting tired of Christmas music, and let's face it, I would do just that if I started listening to it now.

Those of you who love if for two or three months of the year can keep doing so. But I'll make you change the radio station if I'm in the car with you.


John said...

While we are on the Christmas rant....Kmart had the Christmas stuff out before October 31. This is a major no-no.
I love Christmas music too but not until after Thanksgiving.

allicat4 said...
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