31 October 2007

Today's Significance

Today is an important day. Not because it's Halloween. Frankly, I don't care much for Halloween. It's a kid's holiday if you ask me. I never know what I should be, and I usually don't dress up. This year I wore jeans, a black shirt, and an orange sweater. I was one of two people in my office who didn't wear some sort of costume. And I'm okay with that.

The real significance of today is that Eric kissed me three years ago on this very day. And, whether or not you want the story, here it is-

The night before Halloween we went on a date. Eric took me to a nice dinner, and then we went to Abravanel Hall where we watched the Utah Symphony perform selected pieces from the Lord of the Rings trilogy. It was quite fantastic. Some time during the date, Eric finally got enough nerve to hold my hand. I knew he was working toward that, so I politely left my hands on my laps. After the symphony, we went to the Malt Shoppe where we shared a root beer float malt. Then he took me home.

The next day we had church. Naturally, we sat next to one another throughout the meetings. Then we went to our respective homes. Later that night Eric picked me up for Cousins' Dinner at his aunt and uncle's house. This particular aunt and uncle hosts dinner for all the college-aged cousins and their spouses/significant others once each month during the school year. Since that time, Eric and I have NEVER missed a cousins' dinner! It's one of my favorite times of each month- to gather with Eric's cousins who are SO cool for a night of random conversation and amazing food.

After the dinner, Eric and I went back to Willard's Place (the place where Eric lived). We looked at pictures from his mission and talked with the others that were there.

Then Eric took me to my apartment. Specifically, to the back porch, which was where he usually dropped me off. According to Eric, I was "begging to be kissed." And so he kissed me.

I don't think I was "begging" for it, but I was pleased nonetheless.

And that's that.

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Noelle said...

So cute. What a fun memory. :) At our office, not a single soul got even remotely close to dressing up. A sales rep came in dressed up like a Roman soldier and all our architects couldn't stop laughing after he left.