03 October 2007

Who are you?

Apparently, today is de-lurking day in the blogosphere. At least, that's what Janssen says. And she's probably right. She used to be my roommate, and she is right about many, many things. Except mayonnaise. She's wrong about that. It is gross.

Lurking is what you are doing. Yes, you. You, the person who reads my blog and never comments. Now, I'm not expecting everybody to comment every time. But if you read my blog regularly, you should at least comment once or twice. I check my site meter, and there are people out there reading my blog, and I have no idea who they are. Somebody is in Turkey. Somebody else is in Idaho Falls. Somebody else is in Meridian, Idaho. I don't know who you are, and I want to know. A simple name will suffice. I realize that by having a blog I am opening myself up for anybody in the whole world to read my words, but please satisfy me and just tell me who you are.

If you feel dumb putting a comment that says, "I read your blog." You can answer one of these two questions:
  • Where are your ancestors from, primarily?
  • Do you have any ancestors who did cool things? (Not that they had to be famous, but that they did something cool, or had something cool happen to them).
The end. Stop lurking.


Bart Bradshaw said...

I read your blog, Sherry.

As for ancestors, I actually don't know a lot about them on either side. I asked my grandma to send me a story or two a few years back, and she said she would and never did. I'll have to follow up.

I believe they're mostly from England, Germany, and Denmark. And there have to be some good stories just waiting to be found by me.

Noelle said...

Me too!

My ancestors are primarily from Denmark, Sweden, Ireland, Wales and England. One cool story is that my great grandmother (on my mom's side) came over here (to the US) at age 13 all alone to try to find work as a maid. She worked for a family in San Fran and spoke no English. When she finally learned enough English to ask for a raise, she did, and she got it!

baby's got blue eyes said...

My ancestors are from England and France. Thus my maiden name (Franklin). My dad is named Benjamin. That's not a joke. However, we are not related to the founding father. My dad finds it very humorous that lighting struck my parents' house this past summer.

Janssen said...

One of my ancestors was famous in Nauvoo for raising beautiful horses. When Joseph Smith was leaving for Carthage, some of the men in his party went to Jacob Henrie and asked him to lend one of his horses to Joseph to ride to Carthage since he didn't have his own at that point.

I think that's a cool story.

you favorite big brother said...

My ancestors are from the same place your ancestors are from. :)

Ben said...

I read your blog, too. My ancestors are from Cuba/Spain and Italy on my mom's side, and Virginia/North Carolina (and then Great Britain) on my dad's side. Frank Sinatra was a delivery boy for one of my ancestors in New Jersey, actually.