24 October 2007


My friend, Janssen, recently posted about girls piercing their ears and what an appropriate age is to do such a thing. The rule in my house was that you had to be 8. I didn't get mine done until I was 9, though.

Throughout the years I've been inconsistent about wearing earrings. Sometimes I'll wear them for months at a a time rarely forgetting to put them in, and sometimes I'll go for months at a time rarely remembering to put them in. Since I've been married I've been really good about wearing them, primarily because Eric likes them so.

I mostly wear small earrings, but I do have one pair of big, dangly ones. Actually, make that two pairs. I wore the other pair once, didn't feel right in them, and never wore them again.

I've been thinking lately, though, that I love wearing earrings. It's one of the perks to being a girl. I'm picky about what I wear, though, so I don't necessarily love shopping for earrings. And, my ears are sensitive, so I can only wear cheap ones for about 10 hours or else the skin on my ears turns red, itches, and peels off.

I look forward to getting old, accumulating earrings, and sharing them with my girls when they get their ears pierced. Eric thinks 8 is a little too young; I'll be working on that so by the time we have girls, they can get them pierced when they are 8, if they are so inclined.


John said...

When your older sister went in for her baptismal interview, Bishop Caldwell said, "Well Tess, you are turning 8 soon, do you know what happens when you turn 8?" Teresa gleefully responded, "I get my ears pierced!"

allicat4 said...

Well, when you have a baby girl, you could always tell Eric that she needs her ears pierced so that no one mistakes her for a boy.

Sherman said...

When your mom informed me that she was going to have your sister's ears piercwd, I told her if God wanted us yo wear ear rings, the holes would have already been there. It did not work. Have you noticed? Men are wearing ear rings.