11 October 2007

Moody Weather

It's autumn.

I know this because the leaves are changing colors. The mountains are turning red toward the bottom, and the tops are becoming white with snow.

In the mornings it is chilly enough to merit a sweater, but in the afternoons it it is warm enough to merit flip-flops. Sweaters make me feel cozy and smug. Yes, I mean smug, like a rich person wearing her turtleneck while drinking hot chocolate and cozying up with a book in front of a fire. Flip-flops make me feel care-free and relaxed. I like both of these feelings, and I get both of them during this time of year.

The weather is cool enough in the middle of the day to be running weather, if I liked to run, which I do not. I think about, and sometimes actually do, go on walks.

On Sunday we took a walk up Provo Canyon. The leaves were a great array of colors, bright yellows, mellow oranges and deep reds. Plus the occasional bland browns. The browns I know will be here all winter. And I dread the browns.

But, I do look forward to the sweaters. And the flip-flops after that.

1 comment:

Noelle said...

I totally know what you mean about smug sweater weather. I'm wearing my first smug sweater of the season and I'm thinking about making myself a cup of cocoa right now. :)