15 October 2007

Winning Counts

Each week the folks in our office guess the score for the upcoming BYU football game. After each game, one guy tallies up everybody's guesses and sends an email giving us the standings. We didn't start guessing until the third season of the game. That game happened to be against Tulsa, and both teams scored a lot of points. I tied two girls who don't care about football for last place. I was bummed.

Since then I have done much better. Twice my guess has been only 3 points off. I am currently ranked in the top five, and this makes me happy. To my knowledge, there is no prize to be won, just pride. And pride is good enough for me.

The funny thing is, though, that when I watch the BYU games, sometimes I end up hoping the other team will score just a little bit more, to put their score closer to my guess. On Saturday while watching the BYU vs. UNLV game I was pleased as punch when UNLV scored a touchdown with the extra point in the last quarter, bringing them to 14 points, which was my prediction for them. It's not that I really want the other team to score, it's just that I want to beat my co-workers. Ultimately, I'm sure I would be happy as a lark to have BYU shut out another team, but I would feel a little pang of remorse that they hadn't scored closer to my estimate.


Bart Bradshaw said...

We did the same thing in a religion class (or was it high school seminary?). I always hoped for my score predictions, but I always predicted BYU to win so I wouldn't feel conflicted.

Noelle said...

Sounds like fun! I was wishing the same thing at the OSU game (that Kent State would score a few points) because OSU was whooping them SO bad it was a little embarrassing!