26 October 2007

Google Reader Rant

I use Google Reader. It aggregates all the blogs/websites that I read regularly into one place, and it brings in the text and photos of anything new on a blog. When I'm logged into my email I can check it. I could also check it by going to the site, but since I'm logged into my email at least 8 hours a day, I usually just check it through my email. I check it about seven million times a day. The key, here, is that to view my reader, I must be logged in to my Google account.

And this is where I have a bone to pick with Google Reader. I read four private blogs. These blogs do not come into my reader because I have to log into them with my Google account. Why can't Google Reader just pull in the feeds for these blogs? I'm logged into Google Reader anyway! It's the same log-in. This thing I do not understand.

So, Almighty Google. Fix this! It makes me crazy! I use Google Reader so that I don't have to go to 25 blogs to see what's new. All of that is brought to me with Google Reader. Except for the private blogs. I still have to go to those only to find out that nothing is new.

***I understand why people keep their blogs private. My beef is not with you. It is with Google. I will continue to go to your blogs, but I will wish they just came straight to me.


Janssen said...

Frankly, I just wish people didn't have private blogs. But that's just me - I care more for my ease of reading than for their privacy. This makes me a bad person, doesn't it?

Also, I hate it when NON-Private blogs do not have an RSS feed. ooh this irks me.

Bart Bradshaw said...

I agree completely, Sherry. I don't think it'd be difficult for the Google Reader team to fix the issue. It just needs to be a priority.

Noelle said...

Yeah, if google reader could fix this issue, I'd use it for sure. But since half the blogs I read are private...I have just been avoiding it all together. (I'm glad you still check my blog even though it's private. :)